Program helps retain UNR engineering students

RENO, Nev (KOLO) There are traditional instruments used in laboratories around the world.

But what you may not know is that right here in Reno, new, more efficient and exacting instruments are being developed at a company called Clickbio.

The small two-man firm is looking for one more engineer.

“We need a lot of support to meet the needs of people we are giving product to or selling products to. Human Resources is one of the outlayers. It is difficult for everyone including us. It is a pain,” says Mykle Gaynor, CEO of Clickbio.

Enter Quinn Chapman, an engineering student looking for a project in his senior year called a capstone.

The relationship was made possible with the help of the Capstone Connect, a program that has engineering firms submit projects to UNR's engineering program, which are fulfilled by engineering students during their senior year.

“With anyone that is graduating from college, unless you already have connections in the industry, your entire world is at school. And when you graduate you are all of a sudden in a different environment. You don't have connections there. It is hard to know what is going to happen there,” says George Nicholas, Capstone Connect Founder.

Nicholas says the Capstone Connect program allows engineering students to get real-life experience, and make connections that could lead to a job after graduation.

For Chapman it has meant all those things.

“So they were able to see the talent on the team, and see what we were doing. And I was able to talk to the guys, and know, and get to know them, and it ended up being a really good fit for me to work here,” says Chapman.

While the program is only two years old, its success will mean a plug in the brain drain by engineering graduates headed out of Northern Nevada.