Professional snowboarder and skier open coffee shop in Truckee

TRUCKEE, CA (KOLO) Professional snowboarder Ralph Backstrom and Olympic skier Travis Ganong have shifted their skills from the slopes to the coffee grinder. The two co-founded Pacific Crest Coffee.

"I had this passion to drink coffee, roast coffee and brew coffee," Backstrom says.

The two have created a nitro cold brew that they make and bottle in-house.

"There are a lot of variables in making good coffee," Backstrom says. "From water temperature to grind size, you know, a lot of variables to work with."

Ganong is away in New Zealand training, but Backstrom says he has plenty of help and support. His girlfriend, Liz Stinson, has stepped in to lend a hand and says she's proud of them for starting this business.

"I call him the breaking bad of coffee," she says. "I'm excited to see what happens in the future when Travis is here a little bit more."