Primary Election 2020: Slow but smooth--so far

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 7:20 PM PDT
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The lines outside Washoe County's lone polling place at the county complex were long, but the weather was pleasant, and the voters seemed at least resigned to the wait, determined to vote and follow social distancing.

Inside things were a little more complicated. Masks and a temperature check were required at the door and beyond that everything touched--desks, pens, the voting machines themselves were all wiped down, disinfected after each use.

That added to the slower pace, but considering everything, Voter Registrar Deanna Spikula was pleased with how things were going.

"So far with the absentee ballots even though the volumes been quite, quite significant for our office I'm everything is run very smoothly again just I can't I have to tribute to the staff and volunteers and paid employees"

So, with all the changes brought about by the virus the primary election appears to be on track.

However, the Nevada Secretary of Sate's Office said Tuesday night they don't expect results before 10 p.m.

All ballots that are in at the end of the day will be counted immediately after, but the numbers won't be final. Mail in ballots are expected to dribble in for the next week and, if they are postmarked by Tuesday, they'll be counted

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