Prescription Food Pantry looking for volunteers

Published: Oct. 18, 2019 at 5:23 PM PDT
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For the last six months Laura Linden has volunteered at the Prescription Food Pantry at the Community Health Alliance.

She says her daughter works at the center, and told her the food pantry needed help.

Little did she know how many people would be seeking help from the pantry.

“I just thought I would be stocking up some shelves and things,” says Laura. “But, I am really filling a lot of food orders when I am here. And there are a lot of families that are using the food pantry,” she says.

1800 people use the food pantry at this point.

Typically they are patients here who upon their first visit will be asked about food insecurity.

“So you come in as a patient, and we ask all our patients a food insecure question,” says Eva Leon, the health center manager. “If they say yes, then they automatically qualify. There is no other criteria. The provider will write a prescription for them to get healthy food,” she says.

The food pantry here prides itself on fresh food.

There is meat, eggs, and other dairy products. Fruit and vegetables are also available.

Of course there is canned food as well.

But Leon says the clients appreciate anything they receive.

With the demand only expected to increase, the pantry is looking for volunteers to help stack, stock, and even deliver food to patients who need help getting it from the center.

Criteria includes being able to lift 20 pounds, and the volunteer must also be fully immunized.

To volunteer, send an email to


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