Prema Farms creates local winter Farmer's Market

Published: Jan. 25, 2019 at 8:39 AM PST
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With freezing temperatures in the middle of winter, it is easy to think harvesting produce is impossible.


, harvesting crops during this time of year is normal. Zachary Cannady is one of the farmers. He produces vegetables all year.

"The winter production in particular has been really profitable for us," says Cannady.

Prema Farms sits at the border of California and the Nevada state line.

"We started the farm three years ago because we recognize there was a strong demand for local produce," says Cannady.

With the help of three greenhouses and strategic gardening, Cannady is able to produce 48 variations of produce.

"The production is simple," says Cannady. "We transplant in August so things get a huge start so by the time we get into November we can pick through them."

To sell the produce they harvest at this time, Cannady says they started the only

. He says business has been good.

"I get text messages almost every single day from restaurant owners and chefs," says Cannady.

One of those chefs is David Holman, an Executive Chef for Campo.

"I think first and foremost it is about being the chef; we are the taste-makers," says Holman. "We are going after the best ingredients and we are looking for the best taste."

Holman says not only does it make your food taste better; it helps our local farmers.