Suspects in Galena-area murder bound over for trial

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - DAY 3: Weeks after the first two days of testimony, day 3 of the preliminary hearing for three men accused in the death of a man in the Galena area took place Tuesday; busy court schedules prevented it from happening earlier when the hearing went longer than expected.

(L-R): Tyler Hernandez, Quentin Moore and Jamil Geronimo in Reno Justice Court

Reno Justice of the Peace Ryan Sullivan decided there was enough evidence to bind over Tyler Hernandez, Quentin Moore and Jamil Geronimo for the murder of 20-year-old Paul Dobbins in the early hours of June 24, 2018.

Trial date will be determined in Washoe District Court.

Among the testimony brought up during day 3 was that three guns were fired during the incident, but it's not clear who fired what. Also, one of the three suspects was the driver and did not fire a gun.

DAY 2: There were dramatic moments in day two of the preliminary hearing for three men accused of a fatal shooting in the Galena area.

The prosecution has been presenting evidence that this shooting stemmed from a feud between the victim and one of the defendants, a feud and a chance meeting at a party thrown by a teen in a quiet neighborhood apparently while his parents were away.

Tyler Hernandez, Quentin Moore and Jamil Geronimo are charged with the murder of 20-year-old Paul Dobbins in the early hours of June 24, 2018.

In two days of testimony February 21 and 22, 2019, the prosecution has presented the outline of its case against the three--evidence contending there was a dispute between Moore and Dobbins that preceded the shooting by weeks, at least.

The disagreement, prosecutors say, came to a head when three young women the men had picked up that night guided them to a party they'd heard about on social media. Dobbins happened to be at that same party. Trouble began as the men arrived in the street outside the party and recognized Dobbins.

There was a confrontation in the middle of the street, witnesses said between Dobbins and Moore. Several shots were fired. Dobbins fell and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Much of the testimony came from the people at the party, and examination centered on their memories of the sequence of events, whether shots were exchanged and if so, who fired first. Did the shots come only from Moore and his companions in their car, or from others firing back?

Much of that testimony relied on the memories of young people--including a 14-year-old girl--who admitted they had been drinking. But in day two, there was harder evidence and an unexpected dramatic moment.

The first: security camera video from a 7-Eleven store a week before the shooting showing a tense exchange between Moore and Dobbins. There was no sound, but it was clear from the video and the testimony of the clerk that threats were made.

Then, recorded a week later by a neighbor's home security camera, video and sound of several shots being fired and the victim falling. That produced an angry outburst from one man in the crowd who promptly left. There were tears from others who remained.

Judge Ryan Sullivan must decide as this hearing wraps up if there's sufficient evidence to bind the three over for trial.

DAY 1: Three men accused of murder in a Galena-area neighborhood appeared in a Reno court Thursday. The preliminary hearing is underway to determine if there is enough evidence to bind the defendants over for trial.

Quentin Moore, Jamil Geronimo and Tyler Hernandez are charged with the murder of 20-year-old Paul Dobbins in a street outside a home where a party was being held in June 2018.

At the hearing, a woman who accompanied them to the address testified she guided them to the party, which she had heard about on social media, not knowing that Dobbins was there, and that he and Moore had been in an escalating feud which had included threats.

According to testimony, the two men saw each other as the car driven by Hernandez arrived. Moore stepped out of the vehicle into the street and shots were fired, after which the three men along with their companions sped off.

The woman said the shooting was not discussed during the remainder of the evening, which included a trip to a vista on Geiger Grade, capped by swimming at the pool at the Peppermill.

Earlier in the day, the court heard testimony concerning a shooting incident earlier in the evening at a California Avenue bar. The bar's owner and two women who sustained minor injuries in that incident described the event from which three men were seen fleeing. Geronimo is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon in connection with that shooting.

Geronimo and Hernandez were arrested in San Diego three weeks after the shooting. Moore was found in Reno in September.

On the objection of the Public Defender, our camera was excluded from Thursday's hearing, which continues Friday.