Possible gas station expansion on Adele's lot

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 4:53 PM PST
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For years the doors of Adele's remained open to the Carson City community, until

forced the restaurant to permanently shut down.

Carson City community development director Lee Plemel said the demolition of the building has been approved.

"Subject to approval of a development plan to replace it," said Plemel. "That's what the planning commission's going to be reviewing next Tuesday is the plan to replace the Adele's building."

With the building set to be torn down, the former lot may be part of a gas station expansion which includes additional parking spaces, landscaping and a bench.

"So the property is located on our downtown mixed use zoning district," Plemel explained. "So it has specific developmental standards related to that so the planning commission will be looking at those developments within the mixed use standards."

Despite declining to be on camera, neighboring businesses like Abell Antiques said they're sad to see the building go.

"As of the initial writing of the staff report this week, we have not received any formal comments from anyone or the surrounding property owners," Plemel added. "We are still accepting

before the meeting and up until the meeting."

The future of Adele's lot will be on the

next week where they will review they proposed developments.

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