Popular sledding area plagued with garbage

Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 5:12 PM PST
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In this area known as Sheep Flat, you can find dozens of families sledding at 8,700 feet.

On a weekend or holiday the crowds increase substantially.

Cars line the Mount Rose Highway, and the garbage on the side of the road is just a small sample of what you'll find in the Toiyabe National Forest.

”Lots of trash,” says Kathy Jeter, a Lemmon Valley resident. “I mean they loaded it in their car when they came, they can take it back. I do not understand. It, it just makes no sense,” she says.

Kathy and her family are ready to call it a day. But not before picking up other people's garbage left on the hill.

Specifically plastic sleds left behind because they are cheap, and easily break up on the terrain after a couple of runs.

“I was thinking too, putting in a bin or something. But if you can't take it back to your car, it is not going to make it to the bin,” says Kathy.

“I know there are some old pieces you can see they have been here for years. And I was really appalled,” says Rick Wallenburg.

Wallenburg is a tourist from Turlock, California.

He is in the area with his family for a few vacation days.

High up in the Sierra he says he expected more from this wilderness area. But no such luck.

He says the broken saucers and bits of plastic are a real disappointment.

The Nevada Department of Transportation says they are responsible for the garbage left on the side of Mount Rose Highway.

As far as in the Toiyabe National Forest itself, Kathy says the bits and pieces of plastic remain until spring and look like Legos scattered across the hillside.

Erica Hupp with the National Forest Service says reports of garbage do not surprise her at a high recreational area during the wintertime.

She says people who pack items in, need to pack them out.

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