Nevada politicians respond to SOTU

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WASHINGTON D.C. (KOLO) -- Politicians respond to President Trump's State of the Union Address:

KOLO reached out to Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV 2), but never received a response.

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald:

“President Trump’s agenda has unleashed our nation’s potential and set Nevada’s economy on fire, creating jobs like never seen before while also supporting hardworking Nevadans and the brave military men and women serving our country overseas. Thanks to his vision and this administration’s work, our military is stronger, we’ve fortified Supreme Court, and there is a new passion for supporting small businesses and working class families.

“We are better off thanks to the President’s leadership, and tonight’s address laid out a thorough and impressive blueprint to continue this success.”

U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV):

"Tonight, President Trump painted a picture of an America with more pessimism than promise. Instead of bringing us together, he doubled down on the same old divisive rhetoric and once again sought to pit neighbors against each other. The President was unyielding in his demand for American taxpayers to pay billions to build a wall he promised Mexico would pay for, and he failed to reassure federal workers that their lives wouldn't be thrown into chaos by another government shutdown.

"Our country deserves better than rhetoric that divides us. Nevadans, and all Americans, deserve a government that serves working families and addresses the challenges confronting our nation together. That's why I'll continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to do the job we were sent here to do: find common ground to improve the lives of our constituents."

U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV):

“The President made a lot of promises during his speech tonight. On issues where we can find common ground like investing in infrastructure and tackling the rising costs of prescription drugs, I hope this Administration will follow up on these words with bipartisan action,” said Senator Rosen. “While I am glad that the President recognized the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions who are anxious about their health care, the reality is this Administration continues to sabotage our health care system and undermine the Affordable Care Act, which already protects those with pre-existing conditions, and it is his policies that are putting individuals like Tanya at risk of losing access to affordable care. I will continue to put Nevada families first, like I always have, by finding smart, bipartisan solutions on the critical issues facing our communities.”

Nevada Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV 3):

"I came to Congress to work across the aisle and get things done for the people of Nevada. I am hopeful tonight, after hearing President Trump's address, that we can work in a bipartisan manner to solve problems for the American people. We can and should work together to lower health care and prescription drug costs, provide paid family leave, rebuild our nation's infrastructure, and invest in life-saving medical research. I stand ready to work with the President on these issues. However, I will continue to oppose any measures that would weaken protections for patients with pre-existing conditions or otherwise harm southern Nevada families."