Plans to bring 270 homes to Carson City move forward

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) The Carson City Board of Supervisors has approved a tentative map to bring 270 homes to Carson City.

The location of the Drako Development would be off U.S. 50 right next to the Carson City Land Fill and the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range. This location is why many residents are feeling uneasy about the new addition.

"We used to have a racetrack here in town that used to be so much fun to take the kids to on a Friday night, and that's gone, and it's all houses now. It's been gone for years so a lot of us are worried that that's the way the range is going to go," Kristy Scott, a local gun store owner, says.

Plus, the limited use of the range due to reports of stray bullets has many people feeling unsure about the future of the range.

"There is no safe place to go shoot in Carson City unless you do it on the weekends," she says.

Brad Bonkowski, who sits on the Board of Supervisors for Ward 2, says his motion to add stronger language to the disclosure for future residents would help protect the range and land fill. He says it needs to be more apparent that living near a range and land fill could impact quality of life for those choosing homes in the Drako Development.

"You knew that going into this situation and that isn't going to change, therefore we don't want you coming back, we don't want to receive a bunch of complaints a year or five or ten years down the road, and have people trying to put pressure on us to move our landfill or rifle range that's been there for decades and so on," Bonkowski says.

Scott worries the language won't be enough.

"It made me feel like they know we're not going to quietly go away and that we are going to demand that they keep our range," she says.

The final map now needs approval from the planning commission and again from the board.

Bonkowski says with the housing crisis, moving forward with Drako is necessary.

"The residential vacancy rate in Carson City is less than one percent so I think that if you ask the people trying to move to Carson City there's a lot of them that would take any housing option at this point," Bonkowski says.