New ice rink coming to south Reno

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- The design for an NHL-sized ice skating rink for south Reno has been approved, according to Joel Grace, who is the President of the Board for the Greater Reno Community Ice Skating Association.

Images courtesy KOLO viewer Richard Jay

Grace says subcontractors and a design team are putting plans together to construct the ice rink at the South Reno Valleys Regional Sports Complex next to the South Valleys Library.

Tasha Anson's son, Caleb, plays hockey and she says having a rink close to home is going to save her family a lot of time.

"It's crazy," Anson says." It's early mornings and trying to get a kid to do homework in the car on the way up there and have to schedule our entire life around it and be able to get out of work early."

Anson says they typically make the hour-and-a-half drive to the rink in South Lake Tahoe and sometimes three hours each way to Vacaville.

Her son, Caleb, says the time in the car is tiring.

"Instead of spending time in the car, I could go to stick time up here and just have fun," Caleb says.

Phase one is projected to cost $9.5 million. Grace says his organization has raised about $3 million, thanks to $2 million from the Sean and Jennifer M. O'Neil Foundation.

Construction will begin once the organization raises the extra $6.5 million. Construction is scheduled to take six to nine months once the money is raised.

The plans for the ice skating rink will have to be reviewed to make sure they meet code before the construction begins.

Organizers say once the rink is finished it will fill a big need from the local hockey and figure skating community and could also help attract people from across the country.

Grace says, "We've actually heard on our Facebook page from people as far as Wisconsin, Minnesota that are looking to move out here and work for companies like Tesla or Switch and their number one thing is where are my kinds gonna play? So this solves that need."

The second phase is projected to cost $15 million.

If you would like to donate to the ice skating rink, email or click here.

Images courtesy KOLO viewer Richard Jay