Planning Commissioners approve Cold Springs development

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Three meetings and about 14 hours later, the Reno Planning Commission finally came to a decision on a proposed development in Cold Springs.

Commissioners gave the go-ahead, approving the Master Plan and Zone Change 5 to 1, and they voted unanimously for the Planning Unit Development (PUD).

But people against the StoneGate Development made a final plea to planning commissioners.

"I'm asking you, please don't do it," said Cathy Carroll of Cold Springs.

For the past couple months, some Cold Springs residents have tried to put an end to a proposed development, citing issues like congestion.

"(Highway) 395 should be widened before StoneGate starts building. If not, then I strongly believe it will double the time to get to work," said Frank of Cold Springs.

"The traffic out there right now is just crazy and to add more cars out there, I just don't understand it. I can't wrap my head around it," said Carroll.

The developer wants to build 5,000 homes over ten years along with a town center. But with more growth comes concerns about police, fire and schools.

Commissioners acknowledge resources are stretched thin, but some feel the only way to fix that is by allowing development.

"Unfortunately, without growth, certain elements will not grow and expand or be changed until there is more growth behind it. That is an unfortunate way our system works, but that is the way our system works," said Kevin Weiske, Reno Planning Commissioner.

Commission Chairman Peter Gower wasn't totally sold on the master plan.

"I am optimistic it could be a node in the North Valleys, but I think for a long time what we are going to see is residential uses out there and continued trips into the core," said Chairman Gower.

The proposed development now heads to the Reno City Council.