Placer Jail staff, inmates exposed to unknown substance

(Source: Pxhere/MGN Online)
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ROSEVILLE, CA (KOLO) -- Four inmates, eight jail staff and one K9 Officer have been affected by an unknown substance at South Placer Jail, according to the Placer County Sheriff Twitter Account.

They were taken to a hospital for exposure to an unknown substance. Hazmat crews have ruled out fentanyl, but still don’t know what the substance is or how it got into the booking area, says Placer County public information officer Angela Musallam.

The substance was contained to booking area and cleared by Roseville Fire Hazmat Team.

Several inmates are also being treated for possible exposure at the South Placer Jail in Roseville.

There is no word on what the substance could be, although the Placer Sheriff Twitter page said earlier that it could be Fentanyl.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. Monday, May 13, 2019, a South Placer Jail staff member noticed an inmate in the booking area who looked sick and uneasy, Musallam said.

Before help was called other Placer County inmates and jail staff reported not feeling well.

The Roseville Fire Department was called in to help.

Roseville Fire’s Hazmat contained the booking area, which is now closed and being decontaminated.

Bookings for the South Placer Jail are being diverted right now to the Auburn Jail.

No word on when the booking area will reopen.

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