Pizzeria owner introduces Tim Kaine at Reno rally

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Senator Tim Kaine will be just one of several people involved in the campaign to visit Washoe County before November 8, 2016. But just as important are the people who come to see the rallies looking for inspiration and answers.

One man tells us he walked away with more than that.

“Walter Gloshinski,” said the announcer to the crowd gathered at UNR.

Most were unsure of just who Walter Gloshinski was, but soon enough they would find out. Gloshinski is the owner of Smiling with Hope Pizza, a local business that employs young adults with disabilities in hopes of developing marketable skills.

He says he got the call September 21 2016 in morning from the Clinton campaign.

“They said we would like you to open up for Senator Kaine to introduce him tomorrow. Whoa, I picked up the phone. Yesterday was a whirlwind to get all that organized, and today I did it,” said Gloshinski.

Gloshinski says he doesn't know why he was selected. But he suspects it has a lot to do with Clinton's proposal introduced Wednesday designed to encourage business to employ people with disabilities to work side by side with other employees.

Gloshinski pointed out his employees to the crowd.

“Rebecca lives independently, Cody is a second-degree black belt with Down’s Syndrome,” said Gloshinki.

He told the crowd, “I can't believe I am here today, they picked somebody who is really a nobody.”

“That is not a nobody, wow,” said Kaine once on the stage

Kaine spoke about not only Clinton's latest proposal concerning workers with disabilities, but other aspects of the campaign. He pointed to a book recently released by him and Clinton. And then he made reference to Donald Trump's new book, whose title has special significance in light of Walter's work.

"Crippled America," Kaine said, referring to the title.

Before his speech he talked to me one-on-one, about other voting groups he says Trump inappropriately labels. Fluent in Spanish, he also made an appeal to Hispanic voters in northern Nevada.

“We have respect for you, and want to include you. And Donald Trump wants to be a deportation nation, and use stereotypical language when talking about you,” said Kaine.

To win Nevada, the presidential candidate will have to capture up to 40% of the Hispanic vote.

Back from the rally, Walter prepared his restaurant for the dinner shift.
On cloud nine, he says this will be a day for his own history book.

“And they picked us, this small pizzeria here, and I will never forget that,” says Walter.

Kaine says no matter what the polls say, he considers Clinton’s campaign the underdog, because as a woman, he says she is trying to accomplish something in this country that has never been done before.