Pilot in fatal crash was local restaurateur with mysteries

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) Tony Pastini died Sunday as his twin-engine plane fell in flames from the sky above a Yorba Linda, California neighborhood.

Debris was scattered over a four-block area, setting a fire that destroyed a home, killing four who gathered to watch the Super Bowl.

According to flight logs, the aircraft had been flown to Fullerton, California from Minden three weeks earlier. It crashed shortly after takeoff.

His body was found in the wreckage along with a Chicago Police Department ID with his name and years of service. That came as no surprise to those who knew him.

"It was hard to have a conversation with Tony when he didn't bring up that he was an ex-Chicago cop," says Charlie Abowd, co-owner of Adele's in Carson City. "He was very proud of that."

But there a mystery begins, because it just wasn't true. The Chicago Police Department has no record of him serving.

That claim and the apparent false ID are now being investigated, as is the claim that he also had an alias--Jordan Isaacson.

Pastini owned the Kim Lee sushi restaurant in Carson City, but at various times also operated Chicago-styled restaurants in Reno as well as other restaurants and an ice cream company in Gardnerville.

In Reno for a time, his Chicago Express restaurants attracted a clientele that often included local police, where he often made the same claim.

The investigation of the crash is just beginning and will likely take months.

Those who knew him for years may never know the reason behind the claim of being a former cop and for some, it may not matter.

"Yeah, the Tony I knew I'm comfortable with," says Abowd. "Whatever is going on in his background or went on and is or was is no consequence to me. The Tony I knew was a stand-up guy."