Pharmaceutical company asks for stay of Nevada execution

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Scott Dozier was sentenced to die for the 2002 robbing, killing and dismembering of a 22-year-old man in a Las Vegas motel. While he has asked to be put to death, the state of Nevada has run into problems with the method of execution.

The Nevada Department of Corrections released this photograph of midazolam it purchased as one of three drugs used in an execution.

The Department of Corrections has settled on a three-drug cocktail for the July 11, 2018 execution.

Midazolam will be used as a sedative and to stop the inmate from breathing. Fentanyl is used to slow the heart rate, sedate and continue to suppress breathing, and finally Cisatracurium is used to paralyze the inmate before death.

According to the corrections department's execution manual, the drugs will be given through multiple syringes at a rate three times given to a patient who is prepped for surgery.

“The Midazolam has been used in other executions in half a dozen other states with really bad consequences-- seriously prolonged executions, with gasping really tortuous effects,” says Nancy Hart with Nevada Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Which is why the maker of Midazolam, Alvogen, is asking a Clark County Judge to stop the execution from going forward.

According to the pharmaceutical company, the state obtained its drug illegally, and Alvogen wants that drug returned to them.

In its filing, Alvogen says it could suffer immediate and irrefutable harm if the execution goes forward. The company points to what it called "botched" executions in other parts of the country where their drug has been used.

The Department of Corrections will not comment on the case. But it, the state, along with the director and attending physician at the execution, who has not been named, are all listed as defendants in this case.

A hearing is slated for 9AM Wednesday July 11, 2018. Dozier is slated for execution Wednesday at 8PM.

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