Parts of Virginia Street Project near completion

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Construction on Virginia Street in Midtown is far from finished, but for some it’s starting to become a little more accessible.

According to the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) St. Lawrence Avenue and Tahoe Street are near complete. RTC said most of the heavy roadwork is complete, but final touches like lighting and landscaping are still in the works.

Officials said the Virginia Street Project will support economic development, enhance safety, and improve livability in the corridor.

People and surrounding businesses are happy to see the $87 million project come together.

Reno resident Virginia Montblanc said, “It’s wonderful yeah it’s great to see Midtown becoming so progressive, and it’s helped with allowing people to come down and enjoy it.”

Christian Christensen with Sup said the near completion of the intersection has helped out his business.

He said, “We’ve actually seen a dip since they closed St. Lawrence and as soon as it opened we have seen a bunch of more people come in."

Christensen added, "We have seen about 20% down, and we have seen all that come back for sure.”

Manager Rachel Golden with Jostella’s Coffee said, “But in terms of people from outside of Reno, Midtown has become an attraction of sorts, for people to come shop and eat."

Golden added, "So that accessibility that’s here that wasn’t here previously, or that there finding for the first time it’s a lot nicer.”

Owner of nearby Great Full Gardens Gino Scala said he appreciates the additional parking in the area.

Scala said, “The vertical parking rocks, because if you look at the geometry of it you can get really four times the amount of cars in the same amount of space, so it’s really a great benefit to have that style of parking.”

RTC will continue to work on nine side streets in Midtown through the fall. Officials hope to have the entire project complete by winter of 2020.

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