Parking concerns at University of Nevada, Reno discussed

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- Parking at the University of Nevada, Reno is a real issue for many students.

"When I arrive here any time other than 8:30 a.m. or 8 o'clock, it is very hard to find parking." says UNR student Elena Mailander.

Mailander and other students think they know the reason they struggle to find parking.

"What I heard from the school is that they oversold some of the parking permits so there is more permits than parking spots." says Mailander.

Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation Services Michelle Horton says the campus does not oversell parking permits. She does, however, say parking permits at bigger lots get sold at a higher ratio.

"That is true; the larger the lot we do sell at a higher ratio because you may have Tuesday and Thursday classes and I may have Monday and Wednesday classes so we sell at a higher ratio," says Horton. "But you will never find a time where you cannot find a spot in the lot you purchased."

Horton said the school does parking vacancy counts several times a year, and that it found 800 open spaces during peak times. However, some students insist they still still struggle finding parking even with a pass.

Another issue for students is how far some lots are from campus itself. Students say they walk a long time just to get to class everyday.

Horton says the school has a free shuttle service that picks students up from parking lots and takes them to campus so they do not have to walk.

Malainder said she uses the shuttle services.

"I love the shuttle services," said Malainder, "I wish it ran more often, but it runs frequently enough where you can negotiate running to class on time."

The cost of parking permits ranges from $63 to $400. Some students wonder why they cost that much.

"Parking and transportation is a self-funded operation" says Horton," So everything we receive in permit sales, citation revenue, goes back into the parking system, which we cover for maintenance, parking garages, parking lots and also the shuttles because we receive very little funding."

Horton says if you have a pass and have a hard time finding parking, contact her at the Parking and Transportation Services Office so that she can come up with a solution.

She also says UNR is in the planning stages of building a new parking garage at the south side of campus.