Parents worry pot grown near Nevada school; it's industrial hemp

Published: Jul. 26, 2017 at 8:33 PM PDT
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Parents thought they spotted what appeared to be a marijuana operation near a Pahrump elementary school.

The plants are growing just down the street from Manse Elementary school, but it turns out it isn't marijuana at all.

"Industrial hemp has absolutely no THC in it. It has no effect at all to smoking it. You're probably get a headache if you smoke it," Mike Whalen with the Nevada Hemp Association said of the crop growing in the field near the school.

Whalen says he understands how people can make this simple mistake, because the plants are almost identical. The only real difference is the amount of THC.

That's why he is getting signs printed up to let people know it's not marijuana.

Whalen says this grow is specifically aimed at producing CBDs for animal treatments.

The project has state approval.

"The education part of Hemp is probably our biggest challenge right now. We have to let people know this isn't going to get you high it's not worth climbing the fence." Whalen said.

Whalen says he is planning to get ahead of the concerns when it comes to the proximity to the school.

He even mentioned possible field trip to to educate both students and their parents.