Parents urged to sign students up for kindergarten

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- The start of the school year is just 10 days away and the Washoe County School District says kindergarten enrollment is lower than expected.


That could be partially due to the fact that the school year starts so early, August 7th, and parents of new students have forgotten to sign up.

"If I am new to the Reno/Washoe County area, I may think that school starts after Labor Day, so we are just really trying to get the word out that, no, it starts on August 7th,” said Kristen McNeill with the Washoe County School District.

The district says it is best to get signing up out of the way, because the first week of school will be busy. Every kindergartner has to take an entrance test.

"It is not a huge test, but is important because it is a time where me as the teacher gets to know the child a little bit better, so we talk about letter recognition, we talk about numbers, we talk about fine motor skills, gross motor skills and it is also a time where our parents can meet the teacher get to that connection which is so very very important,” said McNeil.

Parents of kindergartners need to take a few extra steps to sign up. In addition to registering online they also need to drop by their child's school with an original birth certificate, their immunization records, and a utility bill that shows where they live.