Parents, officials react to overcrowding relief at new school

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The new Nick Poulakidas Elementary School features 28 classrooms that will help reduce overcrowding from both Brown and Double Diamond Elementary Schools.

Many parents were excited for what the new school has to offer, but some are concerned that as our area continues to grow, the space in the classrooms may still not be enough.

The new two story elementary school has provided relief for two schools in South Reno, but as more houses are being built and families are moving in, the classrooms within our schools are filling up fast.

“I came from Brown and those classrooms are at capacity and these classrooms are at capacity as well."

The Washoe County School District opened three new schools this year as part of leader’s plans to relieve overcrowding and provide updated facilities.

Jessica Wright, a parent of two students at Nick Poulakidas, said every seat at this facility is already filled.

"It just keeps growing and growing in these neighborhoods, we are over capacity right now, you walk into the classrooms, they are not on top of each other, the transition is very easy in the hallway, you don’t feel it, but obviously the numbers show it."

Washoe County School District said, it’s aware of the growing demand for classrooms and will be opening Marce Herz Middle School in Reno and John C. Bohach Elementatry in Spanish Springs next year.

Pete Etchart, Chief Operating Officer for the district, said they will continue to meet the demand and provide our students with the proper education.

"Right now we have a lot of high construction prices and we have a shortage of construction workers, but we are always going to go through those cycles and we are confident that we can keep up with the growth and hopefully provide all the resources to our students and our families."

Amy Swanson, a teacher at both Brown and Poulakidas Elementary, said she has been impacted by the growing numbers in our area and now feels a sense of relief.

"There is not many overcrowded classrooms and there is more space for the students, the staff, and the parents, and there is more room for students to reach their full potential."

The district thanked the community for voting yes on question 1 in the 2016 election.

District leaders said, the first set of projects are coming to an end. The next step is building 8 new elementary schools, 2 more high schools, and another middle school.

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