Parent blames Code Red incident on school bullying

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) "The system is failing to protect my son," says Franklin Brooks.

Brooks is angry. Angry at the kids he says have been bullying his son. Angry at the school district, which he says has done nothing about it, and angry with Facebook posts accusing him of being a bad parent.

Thursday afternoon his 13-year-old son was taken into custody for an outburst at Pine Middle School during which he allegedly displayed a knife and pounded on a classroom door.

His parents and siblings proudly display his artwork, showed us his student ID. They describe him as a B-student, talented and bright, but suffering from Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder that makes social interactions difficult.

He's twice been in a local treatment center. The family says they've applied for a variance to get him into a special program in the schools, but so far no action has been taken.

"But in the meantime, by law I have to take my son there," says Brooks.. "I have to let my son go there, by law. My hands are tied."

And, they say the bullying included physical threats, leading to the outburst. The knife, they say, was a pocket knife.

His father says he was just pushed too far.

"Something needs to be done either by the school or by the school district because my son with Aspergers's cannot function because some other kids are sitting there picking on him about it. A kid with special needs."

His parents say the boy is Autistic and getting treatment at a facility in Utah. Where this case is headed isn't yet clear.