Unprecedented speeding on Nevada highways

Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 4:09 PM PDT
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These days on Nevada highways, 85 is the new 65. Even in some work zones, 85 is the new 55.

Troopers say they've seen nothing like it before.

“Right now, we are seeing unprecedented speeds on our highways,” says Trooper Hannah DeGoey, with the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Trooper DeGoey suspects drivers are taking advantage of uncongested roadways.

When she pulls them over for speeding, they give no excuse.

Tickets handed out aren't just on Nevada's open highways like a 112 mile an hour beauty in Washoe Valley that one trooper wrote up recently.

Troopers say higher speeds are being clocked in work zones like the one located in the South Meadows area of town.

The speed should be 55 but drivers aren't taking their foot off the gas. They face double the fines for doing so.

Which means tickets start at $300 and go up from there; at a time many could least afford to pay it.

Trooper DeGoey says this isn’t just a problem here in Nevada. They are seeing it in regions across the west, and nationwide.

Apparently more open freeways mean more opportunity to speed.

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