Christmas meals handed out to over 3,000 people in Northern Nevada

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 12:42 PM PST
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More than 3,000 families will have a Christmas meal in Northern Nevada.

It's all part of the "Annual Feeding Families Food Giveaway."


put together food bags for 3,500 people.

St. Vincent's program director Carlos Carrillo said nobody should go hungry this holiday season.

"Pretty much it's everything they need for a really great Christmas meal. We got vegetables, ham and turkeys," said Carrillo. "The bags are pre-made and we've been working on that the last month. Everything else in the last week, we've set all that up."

Each holiday meal includes a choice of meat and the fixings.

From bagging goods and boxing up items, around 45 volunteers are pitching in to lend a helping hand.

"This community has a lot of needs," said volunteer Francis Dobrowski. "I just feel good to help these people who are in need of food, products and even some clothing products we're giving out today."

Chief financial officer Jennifer Hill said hunger is a year round problem.

They encourage the community to donate canned goods even after the holidays.

"As we see our rental market go up, we see more and more people. We probably get 500 new clients a month," explained Hill. "It's really supplementing people and making sure they have enough food on the table to feed their families."

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