One school opens, another is under construction next door

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SPANISH SPRINGS, Nev. (KOLO) - Sky Ranch Middle School, one of three new schools in the Washoe County School District opened it's doors Monday, August 12. Next door, another is under construction.

The official groundbreaking is scheduled for next Thursday, but as you will see the ground has already been well broken. In fact the walls are going up.

A groundbreaking now?

"You know there's a lot more exciting things to see than your normal groundbreaking, just a pile of dirt," says Adam Searcy, the school district's Chief Facilities Management Officer. "We've got some serious stuff to stare at and a lot of work to be done."

That's true and moving quickly on construction says something about the district's present building boom

Those who attend next Thursday's ceremony will see the beginnings of Bohach Elementary, the newest in the district. A $36 million project, built to ease today's overcrowding in nearby schools and, in the decades ahead, meet the educational needs of this growing valley.

"As this community builds out fully all of these residences get constructed you're going to see a walkable school site," says Searcy. "A lot of these students will be within the walk zone and won't have to take the buses."

Kids who enter Bohach next year will--in time--move next door and attend Sky Ranch. That kind of stability can pay dividends.

It may surprise you to learn a school barely under construction already has a principal.

"Along the way we're also making decisions about all of the things you'll see inside the building including the systems in the school," says Heidi Gavrilles. "If you think about all of the things that have to go into a school, how we do things, there's a lot of decisions to be made and some of that is what we're working on now."

That's not to mention hiring staff in the spring, building support among parents and, of course, involving them and the community in choosing school colors and a mascot.

Opening a new school, she says, is an honor and exciting, but one senses she's anxious to move on to the work of education.

"When the kids hit the pavement that's when the real work begins. So we're excited to meeting those students and greeting them, get them schooled up, starting in about a year."

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