On eve of anniversary, Giuliani says probe should end

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani is urging special counsel Robert Mueller's team to wrap up its investigation on the eve of the probe's one-year anniversary.

President Trump Russia graphic by MGN.

Giuliani tells Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham that Mueller "has all the facts to make a decision" after 12 months investigating Russian meddling in the election, possible collusion with Trump's campaign and possible obstruction of justice.

Giuliani says Mueller has "gotten 1.4 million documents, he's interviewed 28 witnesses. And he has nothing, which is why he wants to bring the president into an interview."

He adds that, "It's about time to say enough" because "we've tortured this president enough."

So far, the special counsel's office has charged 19 people - including four Trump campaign advisers - and three Russian companies.

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