Officers seeing more sales of bulk heroin

Published: Mar. 11, 2016 at 7:36 PM PST
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The multi-agency Street Enforcement Team says its members are seeing more bulk heroin sold in Washoe County. Heroin is often packaged for sale in tiny balloons.

“The balloons are still $10, but as you buy $100 or $200 worth, which is what they are doing these days, you are getting more and more heroin for that money,” said an undercover SET officer. He spoke to KOLO 8 News Now on the condition we did not use his name.

Officers say one of the reasons heroin is cheap is that one in five Nevada high school students admits to abusing prescription drugs, usually found in their parents' medicine cabinets.

When the students start to live on their own and they do not have access to their parents prescription drugs, that is when heroin becomes a cheap fix. This prescription drug connection is also a reason SET officers say there is more heroin on the streets.

“I can tell you that we are seeing more and more of it. It is being sold more and more. If we run across people with methamphetamine or cocaine now they normally have heroin that they are selling as well.”

That is why SET members are using grant money and a partnership with the University of Nevada to teach better ways to stop heroin addiction at the youth level, before they end up on law enforcement’s radar.

“Hopefully through that education and the help of the community we can stop a few from beginning because the end result is not good.”