Lyon County continues to report flooding

Timeline courtesy Lyon County
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DAYTON, Nev. (KOLO) - UPDATE: Lyon County crews report they have been working to address flash flooding and snow removal. The area of east Dayton known as the Ranchos still has standing water in many locations. The Atlas retention basin flows have stopped, but the Dayton Valley Road Detention basin is still flowing. Crews are clearing mud and debris off roads in Central Lyon County, making them passable for the weekend, and will then make final repairs next week.

Lyon County crews are preparing for additional snow removal this weekend based upon current forecasts. Lyon County has received a number of complaints that flooding has gotten into out-buildings and garages and yards full of mud and debris. Lyon County will continue monitoring through the weekend and alert the public of any potential threats.

ORIGINAL STORY: Lyon County reports its road crews are addressing flash-flooding and snow removal. The Retention Basin at the area of Dayton Valley Road and Sutro is filling and may overflow. Residents on Sutro Road, Potasi Road, Nugget and Comstock are urged to take protective measures to protect their property.

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Lyon County Road Department has placed sand and sandbags west of the retention/detention basin on Dayton Valley Road. This self-fill site is specifically for the Rancho's residents

There is flooding at drainages in the Stagecoach Community in the area of Seminole, Iron Mountain and Broken Arrow.

In Silver Springs, the Tahoe Canal has taken a significant amount of water and is flowing freely.

In Moundhouse and Silver City, crews are working on snow removal.

In Yerington/Mason Valley, there is localized flooding reported on Mason Pass and Luzier Lane.

Earlier Thursday, Lyon County's Emergency Management and Road Department reported monitoring storm drainage throughout the Highway 50 corridor and south part of the county. Some drainages are taking water, as designed, and there had been no reports of property damage, but Lyon County is watching the Atlas Retention Basin in southwest Dayton. After 2017, crews repaired the retention basin, and so far, the county reports, the basin is doing its job and holding back storm water.

Water made its way down the Virginia Range to the Tahoe Avenue Canal, which dumps the water into Lahontan Reservoir. Crews reported water over River Road in Dayton and are advising the public to stay out of the area. The River Road flooding comes from the Six Mile Canyon Drainage and is flowing through to the Rolling A Open Space.

Crews are notifying residents in the west end of the Ranchos of southeast Dayton that there is a potential for minor to moderate flooding.

Lyon County has multiple sandbag locations in the Central Lyon corridor:

Silver Springs Animal Control Yard.
Stagecoach Community Center.
Outside of gate at 200 Lakes Blvd, Road/Utilities Yard.
Fire Station on Red Rock Rd, Moundhouse.
Fire Station on Dayton Valley Road
Silver City Community Center.


Centerville Lane in Gardnerville has been reopened after flooding closed it Wednesday afternoon between Highways 206 and 88. However, Douglas County has been responding to several reports of minor flooding in the Carson Valley, and has seen water and minor debris on the roadways in many areas.

Douglas County Emergency Management continues to survey the area along with Douglas County road crews and law enforcement. Residents may not see a crew in their community immediately; however, dispatch will be responding to all calls based on priority. Residents can report flooding in Douglas County by calling (775)782-5126.


There is also localized flooding from Canyon Creek along Canyon Way above Lockwood in Storey County, but that is a seldom-used road, according to the county.

Atlas Retention Basin Google map courtesy Lyon County