Nonprofit helping community stay active outdoors

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 9:16 PM PDT
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Most businesses around town are still adjusting to temporary changes due to COVID-19 limiting operations. One local nonprofit is encouraging people to get moving outside, while making sure they still have the right tools to do so.

A few weeks ago, the

would have been filled with customers. The local organization helps to make bicycles as affordable and accessible as possible for Northern Nevadans. But then, COVID-19 hit.

"We didn't know how to respond, so we closed the store," Kursten Graham, Manager at the Reno Bike Project said.

The staff knew they have to get creative if they wanted to continue helping customers.

"There isn't a guide or a how-to or YouTube video for you to follow as to how to set up your shop so that you're not spreading germs," Graham added.

Now, the bike shop looks a little different. The front entrance is walled off with a counter and a glass partition to provide curb-side service. Normally, you'd be allowed to come in so employees can teach you how to be your own bike mechanic, but for the time being, the public work stations are closed.

"It's not easy selling bikes and selling bike parts or service through a window so I understand," Graham said, "But we're getting a handful of customers each day, they're super appreciative and I've gotten a lot of real positive feedback."

The bike shop has seen a small decline in business, but employees are still encouraging everyone to stay active in every way possible.

"Probably the most important thing we can do right now is stay healthy, and that's more than just not getting the Coronavirus," Graham said, "Staying mentally healthy and physically healthy."

The Reno Bike Project is also still accepting donations, whether it's a bicycle, bike parts, or financial help. You can drop off physical donations at the shop located at 216 E. Grove St. in Reno. Business hours are the same. To donate monetarily,

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