Noah's Animal House opens in Reno

Published: Feb. 1, 2018 at 6:08 PM PST
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Survivors of domestic violence now have the opportunity to keep their pets with them when they leave their abusers. Noah's Animal House is partnering with the

so that survivors can have an escape plan that includes their pets.

Founder of Noah's Animal House Staci Alonso says survivors should not have to choose between leaving and leaving a pet behind.

"Pets are that unconditional love you need in good times and imagine them in bad," she says.

The first Noah's Animal House opened in Las Vegas in 2007. Since opening, it has helped more than 1,400 pets stay united with their families and has provided nearly 90,000 nights of safe boarding.

Noah's Reno broke ground in July 2017 and since then, 44 people opted not to enter the resource center's emergency shelter because it couldn't accommodate their pets.

Alonso named the facilities after her son, Noah. She says it's made a big impact on him.

"When we'd visit our Las Vegas facility, the women would come up to him and say, 'you know, you saved my life, I would have never left."