No intentional power outage anticipated for Northern Nevada

RENO, NV (KOLO) NV Energy says while a “Red Flag Warning” gets their attention, it is not the only criteria they use to call an intentional power outage.

The power company says they measure what is called, “Energy Release Component” which is how much moisture has been released from vegetation.

The soil is examined as well, and according to Chris Hofmann with NV Energy there is a lot of moisture in those two elements.

“And right now our ERC is a lot lower than it has been because of the snow storms we've had,” says Hofmann. “Already a bunch of moisture that we've had since the summertime. So we are looking pretty good,” he says.

The power company says over time they’ve exchanged wood poles with metal, and removed vegetation around fire prone areas.

The company also consults with the National Weather Service, as well as fire agencies on the ground.

That doesn’t mean customers won’t experience a power outage during this red flag period.

However Hofmann says it will not be the intentional kind.

"Is there a chance someone could lose power in this high wind event?” he says. “Absolutely. A tree falls down. Cars hit poles. It is going to continue to happen right. From a planned event from our perspective, no we will not be calling a planned event during this period," Hofmann says.

Hofmann says if the utility plans on an intentional outage because of weather conditions and fire danger?

“If there ever is a pre-planned event in the future, we would contact customers at least 48 hours in advance of the event, and let them know,” says Hofmann.

It’s always recommended you be prepared for an intentional outage, or one that comes unexpectedly.

Have items on hand like water, canned food, blankets, batteries, flashlights, medicine to name just a few items.

You may be asked to shelter in place for up to 72 hours.