No decision made on StoneGate project; discussions continue

RENO, Nev (KOLO) -- After a 5-hour meeting marathon in June, the Reno Planning Commission was at it once again. The proposed StoneGate development is once again being debated; the August 30, 2017 meeting lasted another five hours without a decision.

The commissioners continue to delve into the StoneGate project, this time talking about curbs and gutters & parks, schools, police, fire, air quality and health.

Just like the meeting a couple months ago, some Cold Springs residents want nothing to do with the development.

"You guys bringing in more houses and stuff like that, trouble. Big-time trouble," said a Cold Springs resident.

The meeting in June left city staff with many questions unanswered, but the developers tried to change that.

Originally 4,000 homes over a 20-year period were planned; now that number has been increased to 5,000. Developers also added more land, making the project more than 1,700 acres and adding plans for commercial buildings.

"By adding in the commercial development on the east side, we now have a center where everyone in Cold Springs can go. You don't have to go to the General Dollar store to pick up your milk," said a representative with StoneGate project.

Some Cold Springs residents don't want the development. They say it will ruin their country life. They also aren't impressed by the changes.

"We don't mind the drive to a store. We don't mind the drive to Walmart or the hardware store. We don't mind it. If we mind it then we wouldn't live out there", said a Cold Springs resident.

Not everyone was against the project; one person likes the benefits it will bring.

"All of these improvement will enhance our community. Maintain strong property value and make our neighborhood more beautiful and desirable place to live," said a Cold Springs resident.

It wasn't only residents voicing their support and concerns for the project. Sierra County Planning Director Tim Beals says the project will have an impact on the neighboring California county. He says no analysis on crime, traffic, public service, and wildlife has been done west of the project.

"Our request for considerations have not been well received. The analysis I have seen so far ends at the state line," said Beals.

The planning commission will continue discussion on the StoneGate project September 20.

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