New voting machines coming for Carson City residents

Published: Feb. 22, 2018 at 6:15 PM PST
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At first glance the machines look the same as most on Election Day here in Nevada--easy to read and use. But before you get to the screen, election workers will hand you a paper ballot on which to cast your vote.

“The people of Carson City, when I approached them about the voting equipment about the options that we had, I told them we have the options to go back to a paper ballot. And people were thrilled about it,” says Sue Merriwether, Carson City Clerk/Recorder.

Merriwether says once she met with Electronic Systems and Software she knew this was the voting machine for her city. Supervisors agreed.

The blank paper ballot is inserted into the touch screen machines and residents can cast their votes just like they always have. You can double check, even triple check your work, and once you are ready, the machine will spit out the paper ballot with all your selections on it.

At each voting place there will be this machine. Here is where you slide your completed paper ballot into the machine. The machine will tabulate your vote and retain your paper ballot should a recount be ordered by elections officials.

If you vote absentee, the process will not change. However, a newer vote-counting machine called the DS 450 will process your vote to the tune of 80 ballots per minute.