New hours underway for Carson City gun range

Published: Apr. 18, 2019 at 10:56 PM PDT
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The heated debate between gun owners and Carson City officials continues.

The Carson City Rifle & Pistol Club has new hours but some business and gun owners nearby still aren't happy.

Since December 2018, gun owners have fought back against the city for shortening the hours of operations at the gun range due to the city finding stray bullets at the landfill nearby. Now the city is adding more hours back but some still aren't satisfied.

In December, the Carson City Gun and Rifle Range hours of operation were limited to just weekends, but signs at the range show, recently, it was lessened to only Sundays.

"You can't train one Sunday a week when the whole public is going out there one Sunday a week."

In response to gun owners' push back, the city has released a schedule compromise. The range is now open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7pm. Kristy Scott with Battle Born Ammunition and Firearms says the added hours aren't enough.

"It's not practical; that's the dinner hour," says Scott.

The city also stated that May 1, it will extend the mid-week days by one hour to 8pm.

The range's hours of operation were originally restricted due to what the city says was a lack of safety. So, officials added ROS-certified park rangers to regulate the area. Scott says with the added supervision the range will never be the same.

"No matter how safe they make it to shoot we're always going to now have this monitoring authority that's going to watch everything we do and try to monitor everything that we do and that's frustrating."

Rangers on site say the range has not been used in the proper form in the past. Citing the discovery of the stray bullets found at the landfill nearby, Scott says if the landfill would consider changing its Saturday hours, safety would no longer be in question.

"The fact that they won’t budge on any of their hours, that's a simple solution. Notify people, hey, these are the hours you can go to the dump on Saturdays so that we can try to open up that range a little bit more," says Scott.

Protecting the community is the goal of the city and gun owners, but how to go about it is still causing disagreements.

Rangers say Carson City Parks and Recreation is working diligently with its limited resources to re-establish the gun range to its original state, but with only two rangers on staff full-time this can sometimes be an issue.

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