New gun background check law now in effect

Published: Jan. 1, 2020 at 9:23 PM PST
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The new law requiring background checks for private gun sales is now in effect in Nevada.

Local gun shop owner, Ed Anderson, said he now has to put the guns being sold on his books in order to conduct a background check for the private sale, and he doesn't see any of the profit.

"It also puts the dealer in a position where they are now liable for that gun once it leaves the shop because it's effectively being sold by the dealer even though the dealer doesn't get any of the money," Anderson said.

He also said it forces him to take responsibility for a gun he knows nothing about.

"If the person, buying the gun does anything wrong with it, like put in the wrong ammunition, or abuse it or whatever, and it blows up, the first person they're going to after is the dealer," he said.

Some Nevadans said the new law is a step towards making our state safer.

"I'm not against people owning guns, it's just part of the right of being an American and there has to be a little bit of control to it and the fact that someone could go in and get a gun without a background check doesn't make a lot of sense," Steve Miller said. "Especially now with all the gun violence, it's out of control.

Steve's wife, Maureen, agrees.

"Sure, a few extra steps is good for the safety of our citizens," she said.

Larry Kessler said the legislation will help, even if it's just in a small way.

"I think it's helpful to do that, I don't necessarily know if it's going to deter all the violence but anything that goes to deter some is good and positive," Kessler said.

Larry Willis said he hopes it will be effective in keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

"I'm for it, I think it will dissuade people, especially kids from getting a hold of a handgun and causing mayhem," Willis said.

Others disagree and don't think the new law will be effective or enforceable.

"I don't own a gun right now but I'll tell ya, the more we want to pass laws that restrict the rights of law abiding citizens the more likely it is that I'm going to exercise my second amendment rights while I still can until it gets more difficult to do so," Mike Matuska said.

Some counties in Nevada have declared themselves as "Second Amendment Sanctuaries" in light of the new law.

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