New elementary school honors RPD officer

SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) The new elementary school in Sparks honors fallen Reno Police Officer John C. Bohach, He was killed in the line of duty on August 22, 2001.

"John is being remembered for the sacrifice he made for this community," Reno Police Chief, Jason Soto, says.

Community leaders, school officials and members of the Bohach family attended the official groundbreaking.

"What made him so special is that he has such a drive and a passion to protect the children in our community and that's why I believe it's so fitting that his name is on a school a safe place for children," his daughter, Lindsey Bohach Sadler, says.

Bohach's fellow officers have been pushing for this to happen for more than a decade.

"There's been a handful of retired and current Reno police officers who have been to every single one of our school naming meeting and hearings and they're so diligent and passionate and they love their brother so much and we're here today because of them we really are," Soto says.

School officials say that there will be a special place dedicated to Bohach and his family when the school opens.

"We ask the family for certain mementos that were maybe important to that individual and so we will have an honoring place for Officer Bohach right on the entrance to the school," Kristen McNeill, Interim WCSD Superintendent, says.

Soto says this a huge step to help bring the community and law enforcement closer together.

"You know just thinking about kids and what elementary school they go to and they'll say I go to Bohach elementary and that's really special to all of us in law enforcement and to John's family what a wonderful thing that happened today," Soto says.

The school will officially open its doors to students in August of 2020.

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