New construction projects hit Midtown

Published: Mar. 16, 2016 at 8:12 PM PDT
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Construction is underway near Virginia and West Pueblo Streets in Midtown. A new development called the Cove is scheduled to be completed by this summer and there will be retail and restaurant space, including a Morgan's Lobster Shack. Jenny Brekhus, Reno City Councilwoman Ward 1, is excited about the 8 new housing lofts.

"It is a big deal particularly on the residential side and this is the first one to come in on this side and it is on the backside of Virginia Street and there is a lot of pent up residential demand in this area,” said Brekhus.

In the center of Midtown will be a new music and barrel house called The Saint. The venue will be owned by the same group that owns Brasserie Saint James and Saint James Infirmary.

On the east side of Midtown at 777 Center Street a new retail space will be opening soon that is scheduled to house Noble Pie Pizza and Bukko Island Sushi. Oscar Delgado, Reno City Councilman Ward 3, believes this redevelopment will energize the surrounding area.

"I think there is a lot of opportunity here and I think what you are going to start to find now is a lot of young professionals starting to move into the district. So it is really putting a little bit of pressure on the people that have been here quite some time."

Whether you live in Midtown, Mayor Hillary Schieve thinks the redevelopment will affect our community as a whole.

"Small business is one of the largest job creators in the country and many of those small businesses are creating jobs right here in our community,” Schieve said. “So we need to understand that economic development is really essential and that why it is so important to support local businesses.”