New Occupational Therapist joins Kids and Horses

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 7:47 PM PDT
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That can be a bit more difficult when you add in therapy horses. But for those working at Kids and Horses in Minden, it's not the task that they focus on it's the rewarding outcome.

It truly does take multiple moving parts to make Kids and Horses a success. You have the client…which is most important. Followed by the certified therapy horses and then there's the licensed professionals, tying it all together.

“When they're able to successfully transition to the horse or back into the clinic, and follow my agenda and work together…it feels like a relationship. It feels like a friendship,” Chelsey Mentz explains. She is the newest member of the nonprofit’s family, hailing from Michigan. She's a Licensed Occupational Therapist.

Her focus is to help the children and adults battling disabilities get back to their regular routines. Whether its sports, their career or just being a kid.

“When they're on the horse, they just light up! Their confidence goes up, they're stronger, you can tell by being on that dynamic base of support...look how high I am, look what I'm doing. So not only are they getting that input, that gate and that movement from the horse, they're getting all of the other essentials that they need in order to stay regulated to stay modulated, and to reach across the midline, complete the activities, stay balanced...there's just so much therapeutic benefit from it,” Mentz details.

Most who come pay little or nothing, as many of these services are covered by insurance. A handful of gorgeous acres and helpful courses make up the campus. No matter your goals, physical abilities or age, Kids and Horses is here to help.

“We work together and that's what life is about, it’s about working together, collaborating, and being successful as a team,” she adds.

Kids and Horses is hosting its 20th annual fundraiser Saturday September 14th at the Crystal Bay Club from 4 to 8pm. The event will feature live music, auctions, a western BBQ dinner and more.

KOLO 8’s Tabnie Dozier will serve as the MC. Tickets are 50 dollars, to grab yours, use this

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