Nevada's county health rankings released

Published: Mar. 19, 2019 at 5:23 PM PDT
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Every year, the 17 counties in Nevada are ranked – and it’s health that is being looked at.

“Each year they provide a snapshot for health and what is driving those health outcomes both good and bad,” said John Packham of the UNR School of Medicine.

The presentation of the new numbers took place at the Office of Statewide Initiatives on Moana Lane Tuesday, with Nevada coming in sixth on the list of health outcomes – things like quality of life and length of life.

The news was better for Washoe County on the list of health factors – finishing second behind only Douglas County.

“To me the health factors in the more important aspect; those are the ones we can work to address and improve,” explained Kevin Dick of the Washoe County Health District.

In nearby Lyon County, there is a glaring problem - a lack of doctors. The data show there is only one primary care physician per nearly 7 thousand residents.

“It’s partially due to population growth but also because that county has to compete with urban counties for physicians,” explained Packham.

And all across the state, a big reason for health problems, involves housing – or lack thereof.

“There are a number of key connections with health,” Packham added. “One of them is if you are spending over half of your income on housing, then you aren’t spending it on medical care and other necessities of life.”

Housing may be in short supply, but on the list of counties for quality of clinical care – Washoe ranked number one.

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