Nevada's U.S. Attorney Aiming to Combat Sexual Harrassment in Housing Amid Pandemic

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 10:02 PM PDT
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Over the last month and more, U.S. Attorney for Nevada Nicholas Trutanich has honed in Coronavirus-related crimes. He says sexual assault or harassment from landlords could be the latest to see an uptick.

"There are a select few that may be using this as an opportunity to demand sexual favors in exchange for relief on rent payments or deferment on rent payments," said Trutanich. "That's really unfortunate. It's also illegal."

Trutanich has worked with the Attorney General's office, as well as local law enforcement, to combat things like price gouging, hoarding and fraud in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But sexual harassment in housing is a different level of despicable.

"Women, or men, who are underprivileged or perhaps laid off should not be forced, when they have no option, to endure the degradation and humiliation that is sexual harassment," said Trutanich.

As another month approaches, Trutanich wants the public to know the Department of Justice has zeroed in on handling any sexual misconduct that could arise between landlords and tennants.

"We are re-engaged in this issue. We are vigilant and monitoring it," said Trutanich. "Victims should be aware, or friends of victims should be aware. There's an avenue to report this and the Department of Justice will intervene when there is this type of conduct."

To report any sexual harassment or assault in housing, you can email your report to or call 1-844-380-6178.

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