Nevada ranks 4th in nation in rate of women murdered by men

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 9:07 PM PDT
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Domestic violence calls have become all too common in the Silver State.

"It's really unfortunate just because it's something that can be so preventative and it's something that we can really control as a society and I think we're making strides, but we're nowhere near it," says John Malcolm, of



found in its most recent study that Nevada ranks fourth in the nation in rate of women murdered by men.

The study finds that 55% of victims were killed by guns.

Malcolm says the way to end this trend begins with breaking generational cycles.

"Good parenting and educating our youth and the difference between what's an unhealthy relationship and a healthy relationship," he says.

Damon O'Connell of the Sparks Police Department says there are signs we all must look out for that could indicate someone is being abused.

"They're saying that it's okay, I deserved it or whatever the case may be but they're hiding injuries, wearing long sleeve shirts when we'd all be wearing short sleeve and these are just signs that you can look for," O'Connell says.

found that 30 women were murdered by men in Nevada in 2017.

Malcolm and O'Connell want everyone to know there are multiple resources available for those who may need help.

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