Nevada ranked 10th in the country with the worst drivers

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 10:26 AM PST
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You might want to be extra careful, the next time you get behind a wheel here in Nevada.

A study by Car Insurance Comparison ranked Nevada tenth in the country for the worst drivers. The study factored in fatalities, drunk driving and careless driving rates.

It shows careless driving is a big concern as the state has some of the highest rates of bicyclist and pedestrian deaths in the nation.

This is the sixth time Nevada has been on this list since 2011.

Reno Police Officer Travis Warren says to fix this issue, drivers need to do their part as well as pedestrian and bicyclists.

"If you are a pedestrian crossing the roads, make sure you are crossing at marked crosswalks,” said Warren. “Make sure you are making eye contact with the drivers, so that they know you are prepared to cross."

The study also showed the state is improving in drunk driving, being ranked 33rd in 2019. That is four spots better than in 2018.

To see the entire survey,


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