Nevada Urban Indians Clinic taking new patients

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 5:08 PM PST
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Tucked away in the Quail Complex on South McCarran Boulevard among the other doctor's offices, is the Nevada Urban Indians Clinic.

Many people who walk or drive by may be confused by the name and assume the staff here only serves local tribe members.

As a matter of fact, the clinic takes all patients.

74-year old Mary Kelso says getting medical care here has changed her life for the better.

“Honest and non-judgmental,” says Mary of the clinic. “You know it's like, oh you live that way? You shouldn't live that way. There isn't that here,” she says.

The facility employs between 13 and 18 staff members.

A family physician works here along with a medical assistant.

But the small clinic has been able to do big things by offering mental health services which includes substance abuse and suicide prevention.

One of their hallmark programs focuses on the diabetes patient where education as well as recreation play a part in the patient's overall health.

“We talk about the importance of exercise, and we offer free yoga and Zumba classes here,” says Shelby Matthews the Diabetic Educator at the clinic. “So they at least have some type of exercise they can do without having to afford anything else,” says Matthews.

The exam rooms look like many you will see at a doctor's office.

There's always space devoted to health issues like high blood pressure, obesity and other topics.

The clinic is accepting new patients with or without insurance.

Patients do not have to be a member of a local tribe to receive treatment at the clinic.

It's a non-profit facility which works off of federal, state and county funding. The clinic also takes in walk-ins.

“Their illness may differ or may change throughout the years, we accommodate those,” says Paigi Elsbree the Medical Office Administrator. “And if it requires something we can't offer here in the offices, we will refer them out and help make those appointments for them. So they aren't just left out on their own accountability. So we make those appointments for them and follow up with them,” says Elsbree.

The Nevada Urban Indians Clinic is the only one of its kind in the state.

The clinic does not take obstetrics patients nor does it perform dental care.

However, they can make referral.

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