Students help make neon Nevada's new element

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 6:41 PM PDT
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5th and 6th graders from the Montessori School in Carson City are the unlikely sponsors of

, a bill that officially became law Tuesday afternoon in Carson City.

Neon is now the official state element.

“Neon is an element, and it’s something we breathe in the air,” said Savanah Guzma. “You put it in tubes and when you put electricity in them they glow red,” she says.

The kids stood next to Governor Sisolak as he signed the legislation. They were all in one way or another responsible for getting the bill signed into law.

They helped write the legislation, then found a lawmaker to sponsor the bill, and they lobbied legislators in the Nevada Assembly and Senate.

Governor Sisolak says there are lawmakers and lobbyists who are envious of what the kids did, and in the time they did it.

"In the beginning I was like, who knows. Maybe it will,'” said Sadie Brown about AB182. “Then after a while when it kept going, I just knew. I was like, 'yeah.' It's just so cool. We're in his office. It's super cool,” she said.

Asked what the day meant, “It’s a good day,” said Julian Pineda, “We worked so hard on this bill,” he said.

About 50 kids from the school were on hand to see their hard work pay off. Later they posed for pictures with the governor. He commented there might be a future assemblyman or woman or even a senator in their midst.

Either way students got a front row seat to see how laws are made.

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