Community thanks crews for fast Jasper Fire response time

RENO, NV (KOLO) - As dry and hot weather conditions continue, a timely and efficient response is necessary to save homes and people.

Chief Charles Moore with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District said the first day battling the Jasper Fire was chaotic. According to Chief Moore crews responded to the fire in three minutes.

He said, “It was successful, but it was also chaotic, because we had so many things going on and that is pretty typical in a wildland fire in initial attack.”

Chief Moore added, “Trying to get organized, getting everyone into visions and structural protection groups and getting hand crews out and deployed. It was chaotic.”

It was chaotic, but efficient as crews and tankers battled the growing 1,165 acre blaze. One home and two out buildings were destroyed in the fire, but they managed to save 100 immediately-threatened homes and 500 other homes nearby.

“Well fortunately with water we can go back to the subdivisions and refill our water tenders and deliver it,” said Chief Moore. He continued, “In that case we were fairly close to municipal water supplies, which was really good we were able to refill water tanks.”

A “Thank you firefighters” sign sits on Dolores Drive. The sign is made of plywood and red paint. It is a sign of gratitude by Duane Coder, a resident of Spanish Springs. His house was near the growing Jasper Fire.

Coder said, “It was a really windy day, it seemed like it was pretty dangerous conditions.” He said the crews’ response time battling the unpredictable fire was efficient and effective. Coder added, “It was really fast.”

He continued, “They were out here pretty fast going house to house letting everyone know that there was a fire over the hill and that it could reach down here pretty quickly.”

The quick response had other residents expressing their thanks too. A sign that read "Thank you first responders" was visible on nearby Rae Court.

The sign was made by Marc Miller, “I had some sheetrock and some spray paint, let’s make them a sign and put it out there to thank them.”

Simple thank you messages that echo across the neighborhood seen by first responders.

Chief Moore said, “We do our job and we do not care that we get thanked or not thanked, but it does mean something special.”

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