Nearly two years passes since Lemmon Valley flooding

Published: Jan. 24, 2019 at 6:35 PM PST
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With the last series of wet winter storms, water is being pumped from Arkansas Street and Lemmon Drive onto the other side of Lemmon Drive.

Residents who have been monitoring their situation for the last two years wonder when the water will eventually close down Lemmon Drive itself.

“Residents were in front of Washoe County on Tuesday; then all of a sudden Tuesday afternoon there was now a pump at Arkansas pumping from the Redpine field over to the field you see right here now,” says Tammy Holt-Still, a Lemmon Valley resident.

Holt-Still has been a community activist since the flooding nearly two years ago.

She and other residents have done their research and say there is more than one reason this area is flooded, and It could get worse with spring runoff.

“We need to get to ground zero. Ground zero is a total balance of water. Knowing exactly what is feeding it, how it is feeding it, and then out how to relieve it at the same time,” says Holt-Still.

The residents have fought development, targeting Prado North and South, where homes and warehouses are planned.

Both the signs we saw direct people to go to a website for more information, but the signs are either in mud or water.

“We as residents figured we were going to see this water because the situation has not been fixed,” says Holt-Still.

Washoe County says it's paying $70,000 a month to maintain the Hesco Wall and the pumps in Lemmon Valley. The county says while the water levels fluctuate, Swan Lake’s water levels are not where they were in January 2017.

They say they have offered FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants to purchase damaged homes.

Those residents we talked to were offered grants but refused them. They say the money Is not enough to relocate.