National Night Out in Carson City draws thousands

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) National Night Out brought thousands of people to Mills Park in Carson City Tuesday night to meet law enforcement and local agencies, according to Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong. Furlong says the annual event is aimed at bringing the community together and providing resources for those in need.

"We bring everybody in, all of our partners," Furlong says. "Our military, our wildlife divisions, everybody that partners with public safety or can offer assistance to people in need."

Furlong says meeting officials in person helps bridge the gap between families and law enforcement.

"We bring them all to Mills Park and that's why CARE Flight is here and this is a one-stop opportunity to meet everybody," he says.

Mother of three Meagan Werth-Ranson says introducing her kids to law enforcement lets them know they aren't alone. This is the family's fourth year attending the event.

"It definitely lets them know that there are people there to help them if mom and dad aren't available and they know there's always someone there who can help them," she says.

Her son, Aidan, says he hopes that other kids know what resources they have available to them as well.

"I think they should know who to call, too," he says. "Especially if someone breaks into their house."

The event was nationwide and in all 50 states.