NV Democrats argue in favor of gun control measure

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - With Democrats in control of both chambers of the Nevada Legislature and the Governor's office, gun control is taking center stage in Carson City at the Capitol.

Image Source: MGN

A Joint Assembly and Senate Committee hearing Monday morning took up AB291. The bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Sandra Jauregui, D-41 Clark County, would:

1. Ban bump stocks and other firearm modifications that potentially increase the rate of fire.
2. Allow local governments to prohibit legal concealed carry permit holders (CCW) from being armed in certain public buildings.
3. Lower the blood alcohol limit for carrying a firearm from .10 to .08.
4. Allows local governments to pass strict gun control measures than the state, also known as preemption.

Bump stocks are currently illegal under a federal order, but that ban is being fought in federal court.

Assembly Member Jauregui was at the 1 October Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas when a bump stock was used in the killing of 58 people, with 851 others hurt. In the hearing, Jauregui testified, "I couldn't bear the thought that young children would have to experience and go through something that I myself, an adult, could barely deal with. And I knew I had to take action. I had to use my position to do something about it."

Opponents testified they were offended that the blood and tears of the Las Vegas shooting survivors were being used to promote a bill that was taking away their civil rights.

There is general agreement on lowering the blood alcohol level for gun possession, but there is likely to be little mood for compromise over the issue of preemption.