NV Energy offers tips for New Year's Eve mylar balloon use

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - NV Energy says Mylar balloons are common causes of power outages, and with New Year’s Eve coming, would like to remind customers to keep Mylar balloons secure during New Year’s celebrations.

Mylar balloons are helium-filled balloons that are coated with a metallic finish. If they come in contact with power lines, they can cause equipment to fail, resulting in a power outage.

NV Energy recommends the following Mylar balloon safety tips:

1. Customers are encouraged to tether Mylar balloons.
2. When disposing of the balloons, puncture them to release the helium. This will prevent the balloons from coming into contact with power lines and causing a power outage.
3. Do not try to retrieve the balloon from the power line; instead please contact NV Energy at 775-834-4100 to report the problem.