NV Energy and NDOT host electric vehicle driving event

RENO, NV (KOLO) - Dozens of people crowded the NV Energy parking lot Saturday morning.
The event was hosted by NV Energy and Nevada Department of Transportation. People tested out Teslas, BMW's, and Mitsubishi products.

NV Energy said they hope people choose eco-friendlier options.

Ali Sheikh with NV Energy said, "Here at NV Energy we are definitely devoted and committed to save money for our customers."

Sheikh continued, "At the same time save the environment, with the green house gases increasing levels, we think its a great choice for the customers to essentially move with the electric vehicle, and that's where the future is going."

A test driver, Miguel Berna said it was a great experience testing out vehicles. "It's been very wonderful to be able to drive electric vehicles. It is definitely a different experience than driving a gas vehicle. But its very much fun."

NV Energy hopes to host another test driving event in the Fall.
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